Shiny Beauty on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Yami Gautam .. ‘Beauty has been introduced to the silver screen by starring in the Kannada remake of the Telugu movie’ Ullasanga Utsahanga ‘.

She has since made films in various industries in the South. Later, Bollywood also introduced Yami. However, with the making of movies wherever the opportunity arose .. could not grow anywhere. Amy could not become a star heroine as none of the movies she made were so hit. However .. Yami Gautam did not seem to turn around in modeling. Amy is captivating with her charming look like a flower in full bloom.

She is always busy in the modeling field. Continues to be an ambassador for many brands with lots of offers. The picture above says .. Yami Satta Ento! Shiny Beauty as the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine .. charming with her still. Hot with hot looks is igniting in young hearts. It remains to be seen if he will be able to show his mettle on the silver screen.

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