Once again the star heroine in the character role for Chiru

Rumors are heating up that Lady Superstar Nayantara, who did not agree to play a non-priority role, has now said it is okay to play the sister role. That is why he is taking such a risk for the Lucifer remake movie starring megastar Chiranjeevi.

In fact Nayan doesn’t have to do a character roll like that. There are directors who prepare lady oriented stories with the main character as he plays. But all think that Nayan has accepted this role just for the sake of relationship.

It is learned that Nayantara had earlier acted as the heroine in Saira Narasimha Reddy’s film starring megastar Chiranjeevi. Once again the character role for Chiru is expected to be accepted though. But would fans agree if she pretended to be a superstar sister with such a big image? That is suspense. It is rumored that Nayan will accept the role only after adapting it to the megastar range. Nayantara is currently starring in several crazy films in Tamil including Vignesh Sivan’s upcoming film.

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