Namatra corrected the mistake that had been made

‘Okkakkadu’ starring superstar Mahesh Babu has already broken industry records. On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the release of the film, Mahesh fans made a big fuss on social media. On this occasion, Mahesh Satyamani Namrata Shirodkar’s post on Instagram went viral on social media. Mahesh is one of the classic movies .. Namrita is his all time favorite. However, the name of the humble, producer MS Raju who mentioned the names of all those who worked for the film ‘Okkakkadu’ in his post has been forgotten. Producer MS Raju seems to be offended by this.

King of Ems expressed his displeasure via Twitter. “Mistakes were made.” Namrata forgot my name while talking about “One” but I’m so glad she’s a favorite classic. A sequel to ‘One’ if I can find the right script.

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