keerthy Suresh in the second schedule shoot of Sarkar vaari paata movie song

The shooting of ‘Sarkar Vari Pata’ directed by Parashuram with superstar Mahesh as the protagonist is over. The second scheduled shoot is taking place in Dubai. Mahesh has been shooting here for two weeks.

According to the latest information .. movie heroine Kirti Suresh has joined the sets. The photo of the plane landing in Dubai went like this and Mahesh posted it on social media and went viral among the fans. If you go to Rome you want to be Roman Law. Has it completely changed the face of fame? Fans are adding comments to this photo.

It is learned that Sarkar will be filming a special song for their song. Kirti Suresh will be participating in the second scheduled shoot from today. The film is set to be an all-encompassing thriller in the wake of a scandal that has rocked the banking sector. The dual shadow in Mahesh is impressive.

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