Did Rashmi take wrong action?

Every heroine wants to act in Hindi movies and get recognition across the country. However, no South heroine who has acted in Hindi movies as in the past has been clicked in recent times.

Heroines do not like to change the place after a craze in a language film industry comes and goes to the top. Anushka and Samantha have been the number one heroines in Telugu cinema for a long time but the reason is that they do not look north.

Pooja Hegde is in high demand here but her range in Bollywood is the same so it is okay to go there but Rashmi is far from making a Bollywood movie.

It is making a Bollywood entry with a flop hero movie like Siddharth Malhotra. Rashmi now has more scope to become number one in Telugu cinema.

Her demand was not ordinary as the flower also struck. Rashmi is not far off to impress the number one youth as well as families.

At a time like this, Bollywood has gone crazy and missed some opportunities here. Studying career graphs and other heroines’ other experiences along with craze is also a feature of number one heroines.

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