Delhi Sundari greeted like a ‘red lily’ at the airport !!

The beautiful sisters-in-law of the film industry do not want to be seen anywhere outside, except in movies. Occasionally encountered in shopping malls at airports. Tollywood young heroine Rashi Khanna was recently spotted on camera at the airport in red. Will more media people suck .. So click on the sale and post it on social media. Currently Rashi Khanna photos are going full viral. There is no need to introduce the Telugu audience about Rashi. Because she has already made a lot of movies and is well known. This Delhi bhama impresses with her gestures as well as the beauty of the boy.

Rashi who appeared in the movie ‘World Famous Lover’ last year .. now it seems that Telugu movies have been given a break. Besides, Ammadu is now full busy with a series of Tamil films. Rashi was introduced to the Tamil industry with the film ‘Imaika Nodigal’. The film was a great success and brought good craze. On the other hand, while making movies .. On the other hand, this seller is creating a stir on social media. Rashi currently has four Tamil films on his hands. Aranmanai-3 genius Tughlaq Darbar lined up Satan’s babes in a row. It does not look like there will be an actual vacancy in 2021. And sell in the Airport Red Color Journey Suit shines like hot peppers. Also wearing a mask and looking towards the camera posed beautifully. Fans are commenting that our zodiac corona rules are strictly followed.

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