Deepika Padukone can’t find a director for her upcoming film!

Deepika Padukone continues to be the top heroine in Bollywood. The beauty continues to top the whole of India with her acting. However .. acting on the one hand, on the other hand, is an attempt to energize the filmmaking. It is also ready to build an image in this order.

She teamed up with beauty producer Madhu Mantena to bring a project to the screen. Madhu Mantena also said it was okay. The two finalized the story together. It was decided to make the main event of the Mahabharata into a film.

Not only that .. Deepika is ready to play the role of Draupadi in this film. The title was also registered by the makers. It has been a long time since all this happened. However .. according to the latest update .. you are stopping this movie!

The real reason is that we could not find a director to take over the project! Although many directors want to screen this film .. they cannot do so because they have other projects. Deepika Madhu has decided not to cancel the project as there is no chance for Pattalekke in the near future.

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